Florence Yuk-ki Lee is a media artist and experimental animation filmmaker. Her practice encompasses experimental animation, installation, painting, and art publishing. Assembling and staging ephemeral bodies, personal stories, and poetic visual metaphors in her practice, Lee unearths ideas and inspirations from her daily encounters in Hong Kong—the city where she grew up—to investigate the multilayered connection between herself and her cultural identity. Her animation works comprise digitally hand-drawn frames that flow seamlessly from one to another, evoking numerous micro-narratives summoned from her personal memories, experiences and social shifts. Emotionally charged, Lee’s work extracts the poetic from the mundane to explore the extraordinary in the ordinary.

Born in 1994 and raised in Hong Kong,  Lee attended Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London where she primarily studied moving image, graduating with a BA in 2016.  She later obtained an MFA in Creative Media from the City University of Hong Kong in 2021. She has participated in exhibitions and screenings at M+ Museum; Annecy International Animation Film Festival in France; Animafest Zagreb in Croatia; Fantoche International Animation Film Festival in Switzerland; Art Central; Asia Art Archive; MOU PROJECTS; 10 Chancery Lane Gallery; Centre Pompidou online video series; Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb; Mill6 CHAT and AIRSIDE, among others. Solo exhibition includes ‘Broken heart pieces disco ball’, (MOU PROJECTS, 2023) and ‘Let it sprout beneath my skin’, (Artside Gallery, 2024).

Her animation works include Park Voyage, 2022 (Commissioned by M+ Museum, Hong Kong) and the award-winning Elephant in Castle, 2021. In 2023, Lee has recently completed her third animated short film, You build a home in my mind (2023), funded by the Animation Support Program in Hong Kong.

李鈺淇(生於1994年,香港)是一位媒體藝術家和實驗動畫導演。她的藝術實踐包括實驗動畫、裝置、繪畫及藝術出版。她亦是No Reason Studio的創辦人之一。在其藝術實踐中,藝術家將轉瞬即逝的人物、生活經歷和富有詩意的視覺隱喻組合在一起,從在香港的日常偶遇中挖掘出想法和靈感,並探索與自己文化身份之間的多層次聯繫。她的動畫作品由數字手繪的多重靜幀組成,不留痕跡而幀幀相連,在影片內喚起從記憶或純粹的想像中召喚出的微敘事。

李鈺淇於2016年畢業於倫敦藝術大學中央聖馬丁學院平面設計系(流動影像專業),並於2021年獲得香港城市大學創意媒體藝術碩士學位。她的作品曾在多個國際影展及藝術機構展出及放映,其中包括:M+博物館;法國安錫國際動畫電影節;薩格勒布國際動畫影展;瑞士Fantoche國際動畫電影節;Art Central;亞洲藝術文獻庫;MOU PROJECTS;10號贊善里畫廊;龐畢度藝術中心線上影片系列;克羅地亞當代藝術博物館;CHAT六廠;AIRSIDE等等。近期展覽包括其個展《碎心碎片迪斯可球》(MOU PROJECTS, 2023) 及《Let it sprout beneath my skin》(Artside Gallery, 2024)。

她的動畫作品包括《Park Voyage,2022》(香港M+博物館委約作品),以及得獎動畫《城堡裡的大象,2021》。2023 年,李將完成她的第三部動畫短片《心之房》(2023),該片由香港動畫支援計劃資助。


MFA in Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

BA (Hons) in Graphic Communication Design (Moving Image specialism), Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London, London, UK

Solo Exhibitions


“Let it sprout beneath my skin,” Artside Gallery, Seoul *Current*


"Broken heart pieces disco ball," MOU PROJECTS, Hong Kong

Selected Group Exhibitions and Screenings


“Park Voyage” screening on M+ Facade, M+ Museum, Hong Kong *Current*

“Relentless Melt No. 31, Close-Up Film Centre, London, United Kingdom


“Park Voyage,” Pre-show Animation, M+ Museum, Hong Kong

Microwave International New Media Arts Festival 2023 Screening Programme, Form Society, Hong Kong

“Art in Motion,” HKIA Arts and Culture Festival 2023, Hong Kong International Airport, Hong Kong

Asia Art Archive Annual Fundraising Auction Preview Exhibition, Christie’s Hong Kong

“Where There Is Peace,” Association Concerning Sexual Violence Against Women, Hong Kong

“Urban Canvas,” AIRSIDE, Hong Kong

“Citrus Worlds II,” Presented by Asia Society, Art Central, Hong Kong

Image Forum Festival 2023, Tokyo, Japan

EX!T 13 - Experimental Media Art Festival, Guling Street Avant-Garde Theatre, Taiwan

Hong Kong Animation Express, Tai Kwun Movie Steps, Tai Kwun, Hong Kong


“Animafest Zagreb 1972 – 2022,” Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb, Croatia

“Mon OEil” online video series, Centre Pompidou, France

“Park Voyage,” Pre-show Animation, M+ Museum, Hong Kong

“31 Women Artists - Hong Kong,” 10 Chancery Lane Gallery, Hong Kong


“HK Foreward 2021,” 10 Chancery Lane Gallery, Hong Kong

“System Dreams,” Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

“Please Mind the Gap,” MFA Graduation Show 2021, Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Art Commissions:

2022 “Park Voyage,” Pre-show Commission, M+ Museum, Hong Kong

2022  “Textile for Food,” The D. H. Chen Foundation Gallery, Centre for Heritage Arts & Textile, Hong Kong

2021 “Water,” in collaboration with Joanne Pang, Well Art (presented by Urban Spring), Hong Kong and Singapore

Awards & Official Selections (Film Festivals):


Annecy International Animation Film Festival (Official Selection of TV and Commissioned Films), France

Finalist, The 28th ifva Festival, Hong Kong

Merit Award, Animation Support Program, Hong Kong

The 19th Seoul Independent Animation Festival, South Korea

World Festival of Animated Film Varna, Sofia

Canlandıranlar Animation Film Festival, İstanbul

ANIMASYROS International Animation Festival, Greece

Image Forum Festival 2023, Tokyo, Japan


Cristal Award Nominee, Annecy International Animation Film Festival, France

Best Student Film Award Nominee, World Festival of Animated Film- Animafest Zagreb, Croatia

Best International Film Award Nominee, Fantoche International Animation Festival, Switzerland

Marilyn Marsh Saint-Veltri Award Nominee, Denver International Film Festival, USA

Special Mention Award, Animaphix International Animated Film Festival, Italy

MONSTRA Lisbon Animation Festival, Portugal

Flatpack Film Festival, United Kingdom

International Cosmopolitan Film Festival of Tokyo, Japan

Fest Anča International Animation Festiva, Slovakia

Turku Animated Film Festival, Finland

The 18th Seoul Independent Animation Festival, South Korea


Bronze Award, Los Angeles Animation Festival, USA

Special Jury Award, Tatsuno International Film Festival, Japan

Best Student Animated Film Award Nominee, Kuandu International Animation Festival, Taiwan

Tirana International Film Festival,  Albania

BITBANG International Animation, Videogames and Digital Art Festival, Argentina

NEOSFEST Encuentro Internacional de Experimentación, Puebla


Canlandıranlar Animation Film Festival, Turkey

ANIMAFILM International Animation Festival, Azerbaijan

Finalist, SHORT to the Point International Short Film Festival, USA

SUPERNOVA Digital Animation Festival, USA

Tbilisi International Animation Festival, Georgia

Shibuya TANPEN Film Festival CLIMAX at Sasebo, Japan

NewFilmmakers NY, USA

London International Short Film Festival, United Kingdom

Artist Book Fairs:

2023  Taipei Art Book Fair, Taiwan

2023  CUT COPY PASTE, Singapore Art Book Fair, Singapore

2021  BOOKED: Hong Kong Art Book Fair, Tai Kwun Contemporary, Hong Kong

2020  BOOKED: Hong Kong Art Book Fair, Tai Kwun Contemporary, Hong Kong

2018  Taipei Art Book Fair, Taiwan

2018  Top 10 Poly Art Carnival @ Beijing Poly Art Museum, China

2017 Hong Kong Print & Zine Fest, Hong Kong


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