Coca-cola 回味香港・回味可口可樂®

A special edition tall-can decorated with imagery reflective of Hong Kong's heritage.

A set of illustration made for Coke.
Agency: Noah Workshop, 2019

Kowloon City Art Festival @ West Kowloon

Visual Identity design of the art festival & Programme planning.
Deliverables: Poster, leaflet, brochure, map, signages and stage backdrop.
West Kowloon Cultural District, 2019

Cultural exhibition: Textile For Food

A set of illustration made for CHAT六廠 | The Mills 南豐紗廠Commissioned for CHAT’s renewed display ‘Textile for Food’, the set of illustrations convey the many facets of the local food culture, leaving poetic footprints on endearing sceneries in the city.

The set of illustration is working in the CHAT Colours as background colour. 

An additional outcome of the project:
Two sets of beeswax wraps were made with this series of illustration as a souvenir of the exhibition.


| The Hong Kong Arts Centre 40th Anniversary flagship exhibition:Wan Chai Grammatica: Past, Present, Future Tense

Art book design and craft for the artwork of Choi Yan Chi
Commissioned by HKAC, 2019

Please Mind the Gap: MFA Graduation Show 2021

Curator and Artist of the show; Graphic design for the key visual and publicity materials. 

Art Exhibition: Our Bones Are made of Starlight

Key Visual Design, Poster, Banner, Leaflet Design, Exhibition Wall Text 
 & Project planning

Youth Square’s art programmes


Key visual design for 2 youth art programmes, work-in-progress drafts included here
Commissioned by Youth Square, 2021

Art Exhibition: Transparent Cube Space

Key visual design, leaflet and banner & Project planning

Hugo Boss Visual Display Campaign

Concept design for Hugo Boss’s Window Display of Winter 2015.
Award: First Place

Making Room For_

Key Visual Design of the exhibition. Deliverables: Poster, Leaflet, Invitation card, Banner, Exhibition Wall Text & Project Planning

Rebranding | Global Deli

Rice packaging design, Commissioned by Global Deli, 2019

Art Exhibition: ways of surviving through accelerated mindfulness

Key visual design for the exhibition, Poster, flyer and banner, project planning

In(ex)ception Summer Camp

Key visual design for the event and exhibition. Deliverables: Poster, flyer and wall text.

Cattle Depot Art Lab

Key visual design for the event and exhibition. Deliverables: Poster, flyer and banner.

I Stole a Bag of Seeds

Self-initiated project: 
An illustrated story book uncovering the insight: Utopia is a process, not destination.

The story was written and illustrated by myself, created based on my interpretation of Les Espaces d’abraxas, an utopian housing estate located in Paris, and my affections towards this place.

The Shape of Time : Glass Art Solo Exhibition by Sunny Wang

Graphic design for the publicity material and the title wall of the exhibition & Project Planning

Monday Nov 5 2018