Elephant in Castle (2021) is a 2D digital animation, using a hand-drawn frame-by-frame process to create subtle abstract narratives. Created within the context of two strange years, 2019 and 2020, the work expresses a constant change within the artist’s inner world. It depicts the emotional, aesthetic, and tactile responses that she has to Hong Kong, the city where she grew up. Stepping into a new decade, the world is coming to an unprecedented and critical moment in history. The film could be a reflection on contemporary political and social shifts conveyed by the artist's sentimental responses to the personal stories/memories and the incidents that took place in Hong Kong.

Lee was inspired by the research topic and artworks relating to Topophilia, a term from Greek topos. Combining Topo-, meaning “place”, and -philia, meaning “love of”, Topophilia is a “strong sense of place, which often becomes mixed with the sense of cultural identity among certain people and a love of certain aspects of such a place.” People in a city might come from different places originally, but they all form their own paths of connectivity and responses to the places we inhabit, and even to the particular site that they pass through occasionally.

Animated short film
Duration: 4’48”

Directed & Animated by:
Florence Yuk Ki Lee
Composer: Just Bee
Sound Designer: Florence Xingyu Tan
Additional Animation: Tina Bahraei
Additional Compositing: Di Wu
Advisor: Max Hattler
Production Studio: No Reason Studio
Special Thanks:
Harald Kraemer, Leung Chi Wo, Tobias Klein, Yu Ka Ho Albert

Screenings and Awards:

Monday Nov 5 2018