Florence Lee art

 Florence Lee art

Florence Lee art

Solo exhibition: Broken heart pieces disco ball

Exhibition date: March 28 - April 22, 2023
Curator: Kobe Ko
Presented by: MOU PROJECTS

Florence Yuk-ki Lee's practice emphasizes hand-drawn animation as the primary medium. Through depiction of the cityscape with visual metaphors, revealed is the artist's observation of daily life and ways of living. Exhibited at MOU PROJECTS, "Broken heart piece disco ball" is Lee's first solo exhibition, translating and encapsulating the artist's personal childhood experiences as well as intimate experiences. The showcased works comprise of playground rides, the everyday scenery outside the window of the artist's studio, and unique, special objects recalled from memories—weaving together a melody that lures the viewers to roam and wonder. The exhibition title is an excerpt of a random quote encountered online: "A disco ball is hundreds of pieces of broken glass put together to make a magical ball of light. You aren't broken. You're a disco ball. "merry-go-round like a lullaby (2023) illustrates how the bouncy ball is waiting to be selected, spun down, and leaves the bouncy ball vending machine yet then suddenly turns into a disco ball.

Lee employs the disco ball to express the sweet yet fragile nature of intimate relationships as well as the residual yearning from childhood, enticing the viewers to enter the playground. In you build a home in my mind (2023), the objects, including boats, climbing frames, slides, and basketball courts, are constantly spinning and rotating, sometimes circling around and other times passing by. In their fleetingness, these scenes attempt to evoke collective memories and experiences within the viewer. As the boat navigates between reality and imagination, resembling a journey of constant loss and persistent search, each scene appears slightly different when they reappear, alluding to the repetitiveness and uncertainty of life.

Exhibited here is not only Lee's signature animated films but also the curious combination of the works with park installations. Echoing the readymades, the content of the video works sends out an invitation to enter the playground and bask in the resonating childhood memories. Park Voyage I and II (both 2022), commissioned by M+ Museum, capture the cityscape of Hong Kong and allow the viewers to cruise in a first-person perspective. This solo exhibition traces and reviews the artist's dreams, personal childhood experiences, as well as the manners in which she copes with intimate feelings and human bonds. Whilst thoughts are constantly swirling around, emotions are contemplated upon, and one may eventually fall back into a dream to a lullaby.

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Florence Lee artFlorence Lee art

Music Composer 音樂與聲音設計
Just Bee

Graphic Design 平面設計
Zijie 伍子傑

Art Font 美術字體
Jasmine Cheung 張嘉敏

Audio and Visual Technician 影視技術人員
Jacklam Ho Tsz Yeung 何子洋

Art Technician 技術人員
Li Hiuwa 李曉華
Herman Lau 劉志鏗

Animation Assistant 動畫助理
Scarlett Ty 池樂兒
Cyrus Leung cyncope.virus 梁釋尹
Hazel Tsang Lai Mei 曾麗媚

Sound Recording Assistant 聲音助理
Waleed Waseem

Photo Documentation 展覽攝影 
Felix Wong

Special Thanks 特別致謝
Tsui Hou Lam 徐皓霖
Monday Nov 5 2018
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