Elephant in Castle (2021)

Elephant in Castle (2021) was created within the context of 2019 and 2020. It expresses the constant change within the artist's inner world, visualising the emotional, aesthetic, and tactile responses that she has to Hong Kong, the city where she grew up.



Excerpts from Park Voyage I

Excerpts from Park Voyage III 



Self-published projects

Elephant in Castle

Edition of 100
Language: English
ISBN: 978-988-75315-1-7
Published by: NO REASON STUDIO

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Nomad 002

Limited edition of 200
Language: English, Chinese 中文
Packaging: Vacuum packed 真空包裝
ISBN: 978-988-75315-0-0
 Published by: NO REASON STUDIO 

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Nomad 001

Limited edition of 100
Language: English
Packaging: Red acetate
ISBN: 978-988-75315-2-4
 Published by: NO REASON STUDIO 

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Before and After 2020

Before and After 2020 is a series of zines that works as an exhibition on paper, wishing to challenge the conventional exhibition module.


West Kowloon Cultural District

Design of the key visual and the related deliverables of the art festival.


Illustration for the special edition tall-can decorated with imagery reflective of Hong Kong's heritage.

Hong Kong Arts CentreBook design and craft for Choi Yan Chi’s artwork: Drowned.

Monday Nov 5 2018