Excerpts from Park Voyage I, 2022. Commissioned by M+, Hong Kong

Excerpts from Park Voyage III, 2022. Commissioned by M+, Hong Kong

Park Voyage (2022). Commissioned by M+ Museum

“Park Voyage” is a set of pre-show animations commissioned by M+ Museum in 2022. Inspired by Shek Kip Mei Park, Shatin’s cycling track, and M+ museum, this work captures Hong Kong’s unique cityscape, creating an imaginary space that intertwines memory and everyday life.

//This series delineates and navigates the artist's hometown Hong Kong, translating her personal memories tied to the city, featuring Lee's signature hand-drawn, frame-by-frame animated video works. The looseness of the drawings allows the works to maintain temporal and locational ambiguity and thus be expansive. Not at the peril of succumbing to the seductive power of glowing memories or the sense of comfort brought by escapism fantasies, Lee's practice playfully de-gravitates the here-and-now and tellingly illustrates contemporary lamentations and desires.//

– MOU Projects

Directed & Animated by Florence Yuk-ki Lee
Music & Sound by Just Bee

Florence Lee art

Screening of “Park Voyage” at Annecy International Animation Film Festival

Florence Lee artl

Screening of “Park Voyage” at Hong Kong International Airport Arts and Culture Festival

Monday Nov 5 2018